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Quanah Student is A Published Author!!!

I am very proud of Amanda Tyler, a student at Quanah High School.  Amanda wrote the following poem which has been published.  I think it is a very big accomplishment when one of our students gets published so please join me in congratulating Amanda. Amanda we are so very proud of you.  I hope all of you enjoy her poem as much as I have.


Lifelong Burden


Conspiracy to commit a crime

I don’t even know why you waste your time

For life and death, farewell, we part

A stick, a stab direct o your heart

Plans and thoughts turn into murder

With police in the way, it gets much harder

Police and paramedics storm the scene

The knife you have is no longer clean

Caught red-handed in the middle of your scheme

Covered in blood and dirt from the bury

For now and forever, a burden you will cary



Amanda Tyler

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Parental Involvement

     For many years I have had a concern over parental involvement.  I have always known you had to have parental involvement for a district to be successful.  As I learned back in the 80’s that good parental involvement is one of the correlates of an effective school.  I guess my concern has been how much is enough and how do you know when a district has good parental involvement.  Just recently, I began to look at it from a different angle.  Instead of trying to get more parental involvement or determine if we had good parental involvement, I ask myself what is my definition of parental involvement.  This really started the thinking cogs to turning.  First I asked what is not parental involvement.  Is parental involvement getting parents to work in the concession stands, participate in fund raising activities, showing up at open house, or joining the PTO and booster clubs?  Although these activities are vital to a successful school, I don’t think this is the parental involvement that will make a difference in a child’s education.  The parental involvement that will make a difference in a child’s education is parents getting involved on the individual student level.

     Here is what I mean by that.  If you as a parent want to make a difference in your child’s education, you must get involved in what is taking place in your child’s classroom.  You must know what your child is being taught.  You must know what homework assignments you child is completing or not completing.  You must make sure your child is studying for tests.  You must make sure your child is doing their homework every night.  You must know how your child is behaving in the classroom.  You must understand your child’s study habits and help them to develop good study habits.  You must make sure your child is taking care of the business at hand on a daily basis.

What can the teacher do to foster this parental involvement?  Every teacher has a conference period in their daily schedule to communicate with parents.  Every teacher has a blog to make their classroom more transparent so parents can know what is taking place on their classroom.  The electronic grade book has a parent portal that can be setup so each parent can know what their child’s grades are and if any assignments are missing.  This parent portal must be setup each school year.  So if parents are thinking the parent portal was setup last year and will carry forward, it doesn’t work that way so parents must set it up again at the beginning of each school year.  If you as a teacher have students who are struggling in your classroom or not tending to business, it is your responsibility to make sure parents are aware of this.  You should never assume that a parent knows their child is making bad grades.  It is a tragedy when a student fails a course for the six weeks and parents were never notified ahead of time that there was a problem.  Who better than a child’s parent can help you get a student to complete assignments and work harder in your classroom?  When a student learns that the teacher and the parent are on the same team and communicating, that student usually tends to work harder in your classroom.

We are all on the same team here.  We all want our children and students to perform their very best.  So can parental involvement help accomplish this?  You bet it can.  Communication is the key.  So parents, communicate with your child’s teacher.  And teachers, communicate with your students’ parents.  At this individual student level is where parental involvement can have a profound impact on our students’ education.

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Texas Association of Future Educators

The students pictured above attended the Regional Conference for the Texas Association of Future Educators at Abilene Christian University on November 16th. Quanah ISD is one of the first schools in Region 9 to start a TAFE chapter. These students are enrolled in the Ready Set Teach class at Quanah High School because they have expressed an interest in going to college to become teachers. Under the guidance of Mrs. Cheryl Horton these students are experiencing working with younger students in the classroom to help prepare them for a career in education.

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Jalamo Wins 6th in State

Congratulations to Olivia Jalamo for winning 6th place in the State Cross-Country Meet.  We are very proud of you Olivia!



Olivia you have represented our school very well and we are looking forward to a great year next year.  I would also like to say thank you to the Jalamo family for all the support shown for Olivia in Round Rock.  All the family members pictured above made the trip to Round Rock to cheer for Olivia.  I feel this is due to the strong family leadership and guidance of Jesse Jalamo.  Thanks Jesse for setting this great example of family support for the rest of us.  It would be a great place if all our students had this type of family support.


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Donald Anthony Kinnaman

Our hearts are heavy with grief as our prayers and thoughts go out to the Donald Kinnaman family.  I cannot think of anything more tragic for a family than losing child.  This would have to be a parent’s worst nightmare.  So I pray for God to strengthen and comfort this family as only he can do.  Even though Donald was not enrolled at Quanah ISD this school year, we still considered him one of our own.  And to a school superintendent the loss of a student is the most tragic thing that can happen during a school year.  I can’t explain why these things happen nor will I attempt to cast blame in anyone’s direction.  The bottom line is accidents happen and we are all extremely grief stricken after the loss of Donald Kinnaman.  Donald is the name we knew him as.  I believe the family called him Tony.  I visited with Donald several times last year in the hallway and he would always promise me he would do better.  The great thing now is that this little child is doing much better.  He is now in a great place with a great God.  We are going to miss, him that’s for certain.  We will grieve his death, that’s for certain.  This is a great tragedy, that’s for certain.  He is now in a better place, that’s for certain.  Again I wish to express our deepest sympathy to the family as our thoughts and prayers go out for them.

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Congratulations to Clay Robertson

Congratulations to Clay Robertson for being named the Channel 6 Home Zone Player of the Week.  This is a huge compliment to Clay and to the entire Indian Football Team.  Clay has already stated that this is a team award and not an individual award.  He is to be commended for that attitude.  We are very proud of the success our football program is having this year.  It speaks well of our kids, our parents, and staff.  This is truly a team effort by all.  If you would like to watch the video of Clay receiving the award you may click on the following link.

POTW Video


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Cross-Country Success

Congratulations to Cross-Country Teams


The following students were successful in placing at the district meet.  We are proud of all our students who worked hard this season and participated in the cross-country program.


District Champion – Olivia Jalomo – advancing to regionals on Nov. 5


2nd Place – Cody Bodine – advancing to regionals on Nov. 5


Jr. High boys – Mason Leija, Jace Parmer, Jacob Osborn, Corbin Ashcraft, Daycee Duncan, Sammy Nuncio, Douglas Thompson – place 2nd in District


Micah Silvey – District Champion in Jr. High division


The Rest of The Story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am very proud of Olivia for winning 1st place but I am more proud of her actions after the race.  During the race, a runner from Wellington was in 1st place for the most of the race.  Near the end of the race the girl from Wellington fell and was unable to finish the race.  After Olivia won the race, she took her first place medal and placed it around the neck of the girl from Wellington giving her the first place medal.  Olivia this is clear evidence of the fine person you are and the great character you exhibit.  Below is a letter the school received from the Wellington Cross-Country coach.

Coach Dane Richardson

Wellington Lady Rockets

October 18, 2011




I just wanted to say that you are such an awesome person.  Your act of kindness and caring on Monday shows that you are a person that regards others more than yourself.  That is a rare trait that is displayed in our world today.  Your unselfish act is evidence of your success as a human being, and clearly puts you in a category by yourself.  I can’t think of a more deserving person to represent our district as the champion.  It is and will continue to be an honor to watch you compete.   We wish you the best of luck, and we will be cheering for you at the regional meet in Lubbock.


Best of Luck,


Coach Dane Richardson

& Wellington Lady Rockets

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iPads in Education

Flashcards on the iPad

Above is a picture of students working with flashcards on the iPad.


Technology is crucial in educating students today.  Students in elementary school have grown up immersed in technology.  It is second nature to them since they never knew the world without it like we older people do.  When you hand an iPad to an elementary student the only instructions they initially need is how to turn it on.  Everything else is easy for them.


There are thousands of amazing applications available for the iPads that can be used in education. They range from apps for kindergarten through college and from special education to gifted and talented.  The teachers at Reagan Elementary are very happy with how effective the iPads are in the classroom.  Some teachers want to replace their student PC’s with iPads.


Accelerated Reader is one of the more important applications on the elementary campus.  A student reads a library book then takes a test in Accelerated Reader which tests their comprehension.  The students earn points based on the difficulty of the book and the accuracy of their answers.  In the past, a student would be required to go to a PC to take the Accelerated Reader test.  Now they can test on the iPad right in the classroom.  My ultimate goal is for a student to be able to read a book on the iPad then immediately take an Accelerated Reader test after finishing the book.

Below is the link to a story by Channel 6 News in Wichita Falls concerning iPad use at Reagan Elementary.

Copy the following link into your browser to view the video.


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Munday Football

Sometimes it is hard to find something positive from an athletic loss similar to Friday night’s game in Munday.  I am going to share something with you that makes me as a superintendent and citizen in the Quanah community more proud of our kids than if we had won the ballgame.


It is the sportsmanship exhibited by the Quanah football team.  It is true no one likes to lose including me but what I am about to share with you I feel will make you proud of our kids also.  Following is an email Coach Sims received on Saturday from the referee who officiated the ballgame.  This email is proof that we have the best students, parents, and faculty anyone could wish for and it makes me proud to be in Quanah.


“———- Forwarded message ———-

From: North Texas Football Officials ‪<ntxrefs@gmail.com>

Date: Sat, Oct 1, 2011 at 12:14 AM

Subject: Quanah / Munday Game

To: Jason Sims <jason.sims@qisd.net>



Coach Sims,


I just wanted to pass this along.  In 11 years of officiating I have never seen the level of sportsmanship that your players showed.  They were top notch.  Every time we would talk to them it was always, “yes sir, no sir”.  In games that are one sided on the score that is when us officials really have to keep our head on a swivel because teams tend to lose their heads and take cheap shots and attitudes tend to give us problems.  There was never anything close to that with your kids.  It really made myself and the rest of my crew proud to be able to officiate this game.  What really put them on top was when the game was over.  Several of your players came up to us and were shaking our hand and your players were apologizing to us.  They told us, ” We apologize, we’ll play better for you next time.”  At that point it really made me proud to be an official.  I know that you and your coaching staff will look at the film and correct them on execution issues, but you should be very proud to have such great players to be able to keep their cool and show such a tremendous amount of respect and sportsmanship.  Again, in 11 years that was the very best.



Jason Hickey

Assignment Secretary”

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Limeades for Learning

I visited with Larry Castlebury today and learned about the Limeades for Learning program sponsored by Sonic.  I feel this may be a great opportunity for teachers to acquire money for a special classroom project.  He said that Quanah had three projects submitted two years ago and received funding for two of them.  We were not able to participate last year because our Sonic wasn’t open.  I think this is a neat way for the community to be involved in helping teachers receive extra funding.  I will do my part and vote for any Quanah projects submitted and I would ask you do the same.  Below are some links of web sites explaining the program and how to submit projects.  I have also attached a couple of information sheets Larry gave me.  Good Luck! I hope we can get some of Sonic’s corporate money for Quanah kids.
Sonic (click the word Sonic)

Have a Nice Day!
Buddy Freeman
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